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"The Lap of Luxury"

Located at 55 Km from the nearest airport, a 45 minute drive from Lake Gadisar, and 42 km from Bara Baag, this Jaisalmer hotels, Desert Valley Resort offers you a luxurious stay and camping facility in Jaisalmer.

We offer you three varieties of accommodation which are Desert Comfort Villa, A.C. Cottage Villa, and signature suite to match your comfort. In addition to these, we offer numerous facilities like a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, gym, and spa services to make your stay luxurious.

Once you've visited Desert Valley Resort on your holiday, it will be at the top of your list of favorite places. We guarantee that we will immerse you in Marwari culture and heritage, making your vacation extraordinary and unforgettable for a lifetime. This is one of the best Jaisalmer Hotels designed to be away from the chaos of the city, and the distance can be easily reached .

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Event & Conference Hall

If you are planning to book hotels in Jaisalmer for conducting certain events and conferences, then booking Desert Valley Resort would be one of the best choices for you. It is the best hotel in Jaisalmer for corporate meetings and functions due to its high end hospitality and catering services.

Upgrade your events with a huge meeting and banquet hall suitable for corporate meetings, wedding receptions, or any other occasion that calls for a large celebration! With our impeccable catering service, you can be guaranteed of a beautiful celebration. We will be enthusiastic and ever-ready to serve you anytime you need it.

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Restaurant & Bar

Rajasthan is a kaleidoscope of bright colors. It not only has a rich culture and heritage, but it also has zesty and mouth-watering traditional food. Your palette will appreciate you for such a flavorful experience, from hot meats to the richest sweets!

While being one of the best hotels in Jaisalmer, you should make it a point to try the local food. Dal Bati and Churma, two of the most famous dishes, are popular among both locals and visitors. There are several vegetarian delights to try here. Aside from these renowned local foods, we also provide a selection of Indian cuisines and western delights. We also host bonfire evenings when you can see Jaisalmer's culture come alive in full bloom.

We also offer an open to sky bar where you may enjoy a wonderful range of spirits, wines, and cocktails in combination with DJ music to enhance your eating experience.

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Wedding Venue

The well-known Golden City is quickly becoming a popular site for big budegt Indian weddings. If a dream wedding destination is on your bucket list, then a destination wedding in Jaisalmer should be your first choice. Jaisalmer, located in the heart of Rajasthan, is known for its yellow sandstone sculptures and architecture, as well as forts and massive resorts. Nothing surpasses the ideal location for wedding celebrations.

Feel the royalty of Jaisalmer and plan your theme wedding at one of the great Jaisalmer luxury hotels - Desert Valley Resort. Set your foot like a Rajput and greet your visitors in royalty. Jaisalmer luxury hotels for weddings are the ideal setting for a fantasy wedding. You may stay at our opulent palace-style accommodation as well.

Jaisalmer's Desert Valley Resort have luxury rooms and banquet venues. With the promise of providing you with an exceptional experience and organising all rituals, an Indian wedding planner can assist you in planning a beautiful wedding. The greatest method to honour your special day is to choose an ideal place that fits your budget.

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Fitness & Spa

Our rationale behind designing fitness and spa at our jaisalmer hotel is to offer excellence while raising the fitness quotient to new heights. Everyone's health should be a top priority, and we're working hard to make it so. You may think that your fitness regime will have to be compromised while on vacation!

No! You don't have to sacrifice your fitness while on vacation. Our fitness center is fully equipped with treadmills, dumbells, barbells, and other exercise equipment. We offer everything you need to be active and healthy while on vacation. With our first-rate spa, you may revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. With our unrivaled spa services, you may have a delightful experience that restores every molecule of your body.

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Swimming Pool

This luxury hotel in Jaisalmer has a swimming pool as a major attraction. Whether you want to rest or play in the pool, Desert Valley Resort caters to all of your needs. To preserve hygiene, our swimming pool is well-maintained and cleaned regularly. The swimming pool of this luxury hotel in Jaisalmer has enough illumination in access areas and is devoid of flaws. The location is safe and secure, allowing you to enjoy it to the maximum without concern. After a long day at the Safari, take a relaxing plunge in our immaculate and serene swimming pool. This swimming pool, surrounded by pool loungers that will provide you with some quality time to unwind, is all you need to revitalize yourself after a hot day in Jaisalmer. Our swimming pool is secure, clean, and cleaned regularly.

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