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Welcome to the majestic city of India, also known as the “Golden City” of India where the forts are still alive! Jaisalmer, with its regal forts and palaces, is known as India's "The Royal Desert City." It is one of Rajasthan's most popular tourist sites, known for its gigantic sand castles, forts, and colorful bazaars, despite the excessive commercialization. So if you are crazy about exploring India’s rich heritage sites, forts and want to feel the desert life with comfort, then the best Luxury Camp Jaisalmer is the ultimate place you will ever need!

Desert Valley Resort is just like a synonym for Luxury Camp Jaisalmer! By saying it, we assure you the high-class luxury to satiate all your demands and wishes to explore this majestic place.

jaisalmer desert camp booking

Jaisalmer Desert Camp Booking

Dive into the authentic adventure of Thar Desert and feel the winds of Jaisalmer which whispers the glory of mythical monarchs by staying at luxurious desert camps. Desert Valley Resort offers a wide variety of amenities with different types of desert camps to suit your comfort.

We believe that we are more than simply a campground, but a way of life, meticulously conserving our ancestors' traditions while interpreting them in a modern idiom.

So it's time to bring your Arabian Nights fantasy alive by Jaisalmer Desert Camp booking with Desert Valley Resort and get assured to get a pleasing experience to enjoy the wonders of the desert. A prime feature of staying at our glamping resort is the relaxing and humbling experience of enjoying the beauty of the desert, with its undulating dunes and star-studded night skies. We dedicate our efforts to providing you with the most opulent experience imaginable.

Jaisalmer Desert Camp Booking is open throughout the year at our resort at affordable prices.

jaisalmer desert camp booking
Jaisalmer Camp

Jaisalmer Camp

Discover the culture of Jaisalmer with Desert Valley Resort’s Jaisalmer Camp! Cherish the beauty of silky dunes, mesmerizing evenings filled with colorful attires of Rajasthani folk dancers, and vibe with the majestic forts of Jaisalmer.

If you are looking for some adventure in the city of Royal Deserts, then embark on the Jaisalmer Camp provided by Desert Valley Resorts to have a holistic view of real Rajasthani Culture. We treat your eyes to the most iconic views of the shimmering dunes and thrilling safaris. Comfort yourself amidst the golden Thar desert of Jaisalmer as an escapade from daily bustling life with us and create a new page in your memories with unforgettable experiences!

Whether you are planning to camp with a group of students or with your life partner, Jaisalmer is a wonderful getaway for peeking into a city full of rich culture, tradition, royal legacy, princely architecture, and a pool of silky dunes! We bet for sure that you are going to get crazy with an urge to upload all your sizzling picture-perfect poses on Instagram at such soulfully crafted tents!

Jaisalmer Camp Package


Jeep Safari

Enjoy the thrilling open 6-seater Jeep Safari in the middle of the desert on the massive sand dunes


Camel Safari

Feel like Arabians straddling a camel on the silky sand and relish every corner of Sam Sand dunes.


Quad Biking

Bash the dunes and ride across the trackless desert for an adrenaline thrill.



Enjoy the thrill of soaring high which provides a panoramic bird's eye perspective of the amazing dry sand.

camp in jaisalmer
Camp in Jaisalmer

Spend your holidays with us and immerse yourself in nature while being surrounded by impeccable services at your doorstep. Desert Valley Resort, one of the best camp in Jaisalmer, is like a golden chimera in the dunes of Rajasthan and offers a variety of amenities such as spacious tented rooms, traditional hospitality, and a variety of activities for guests to enjoy. Camping life with Desert Valley Resort would start with distinct cuisine to level up your day followed by a jeep/camel safari to the silky desert, a visit to the Sam Sand Dunes, buffet lunch, eye-catching sightseeing, and a comforting evening accompanied by cultural programs and dinner at dunes!

Perfect enough?

So just take off your long holidays from the office and explore all the beautiful places in this iconic city with ease

Jaisalmer Camp Booking
Jaisalmer Camp Booking

Vacations are more than just an escape from reality. The same old grind can be mentally exhausting after a while. Whatever your circumstances may be, making a getaway to an exciting new land could be just what the doctor ordered to reduce your anxiety or depression. Not many things in life compare to the joy you feel when you stay away from your home and workplace. Your stay at this Jaisalmer Resort - Desert Valley Resort is just another ticket for making memories. You will not feel like leaving this place once you stay with us. However, leave nothing but footprints as our memories will last forever with you!

Jaisalmer Camp Booking